Olivecanthal® is a new example of succesful R&D by Olive Oil Process S.L.

Olivecanthal® is an extra virgin olive oil with a high level of naturally occurring oleocanthal, one of the most promising polyphenols from olives.

Oleocanthal is a naturally occurring bioactive secoiridoid from extra-virgin olive oil. Chemically, (-)-oleocanthal (dialdehydic form of decarboxymethyl ligstroside aglycone: p-HPEA-EDA) is the elenolic acid ester of the common olive phenolic alcohol tyrosol.

Oleocanthal has recently emerged as a potential therapeutic molecule for different diseases, showing relevant pharmacological properties in various pathogenic processes, including inflammation, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and neurodegenerative disease. Some researchers have demonstrated that oleocanthal shares unique perceptual and anti-inflammatory characteristics with ibuprofen. This pharmacological similarity has provoked an enormous interest in oleocanthal.

This compound elicits an oral pungency taste almost exclusively in the throat. The over-the-counter analgesic, ibuprofen, shows the same restricted pharyngeal irritation as oleocanthal. A key characteristic of extra virgin olive oil quality is pungency and irritation. These attributes are recognized as the positive reinforcement of extra virgin olive quality by those who frequently consume olive oil and expert tasters.

Olivecanthal® is carefully ellaborated to possess a high amount of this promising compound present in Nature. This high level of oleocanthal is achieved by a studied and optimal blend of olive fruit varieties and a hard work of research and expertise of production.

The amount of oleocanthal varies as a result of the source, olive variety, weather conditions, soil, time of harvesting, production process and other factors.

Olivecanthal® follows the same philosophy than our first extra virgin olive oil, Oliveheart®: early harvest olives are carefully selected, diligently grown and collected under optimum conditions. Each stage, from cold pressing of the fruit to storage of the fresh oil, is closely controlled and monitored to best preserve the flavor and natural presence of this superb molecule.

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    OliveHeart® was constituted by a group of professionals with 30 years of experience .


    Since 2004, olive oil has been recognized as beneficial for health .


    Polyphenols are natural compounds found in plants.


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